The Top 9 Best Football Gloves For Wide Receivers – 2021 Updated

The Top 9 Best Football Gloves For Wide Receivers – 2021 Updated

Are you tired of losing the game because of your poor catching abilities? If you are a wide receiver and want to improve your catching abilities, the best football gloves for a wide receiver are the ones you need to get. We’ve created a detailed, step-by-step guide with pictures on choosing the best football gloves for wide receivers.

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Our Research team worked together to bring you the best guide you’ll ever need on football gloves for wide receivers. Whether you play football yourself or are looking to buy a gift for someone who does, you’ll find everything you need to be the best-informed shopper you can be.

Our choice of the Top 9 Best Football Gloves For Wide Receivers

Ball Blocking Skills with football gloves for wide receivers

You’ve probably heard of the NFL’s Best Ball Blockers. The top blockers in the game are often the wide receivers who catch short passes, run routes and help their quarterbacks on the way to the end zone. Therefore, In this article, our team will guide you with the recommendations of the best football gloves for wide receivers, which are specifically designed to give you the ball blocking skills. 

#1 Choice – Grip Boost Peace, Shaka, Hook ‘Em Football Gloves Pro Elite

Grip Boost Peace Shaka Hook’s Em Football Gloves is that they fit your hand perfectly, and that’s because they’re formed by a revolutionary polymerization technology that gives them the highest level of retention. So instead of just grabbing for the ball, you can reach out and touch it.

If you have ever dropped a pass because of a slippery pair of gloves, you will appreciate the fit and grip boost peace football gloves! These gloves use soft material that conforms to your hand and has a long-lasting grip that stays consistent without ever losing its hold. With ventilation that allows your hands to breathe for a comfortable feel, these gloves are light and flexible, with a snug fit for a secure grip.

These Gloves are made of high-quality materials that are 100% washable. They are made for any player that wants to have control of the football.

Grip Boost Peace Shaka Hook's Em Football Gloves
Photo courtesy of Amazon

  • Fit well and durable 
  • Very stylish and nice colors 
  • Adjustable 
  • Stick in any weather 
  • Feel very comfortable
  • Little bit tight for the few players 

2. Battle football gloves youth -Pro-Style Receiver -Ultra Tack 

Battle football gloves youth Ultra-Stick are designed to help wide receivers dominate on the field. These youth football gloves are made with ultra tacky palm material that provides an extra-secure grip during the game. Palm is constructed of a proprietary grip material that is a must-have for receivers and tight ends. 

Battle football gloves youth
Photo courtesy of Amazon
  • Look cool, Sticky, and fit just right
  • Comfortable and sticky on the palms
  • Reasonable price with good quality 
  • Very durable
  • Nice bright colors
  • Not long-lasting
  • Run smaller

Note:  Buy a size up to ensure a good fit. Follow the size chart for perfect measurement. 

3. Cutters Rev Pro Gloves 4.0 – New Updated 

For wide receivers, quarterbacks, defensive backs, and special teams, Cutters Rev Pro Gloves 4.0 are the go-to gloves for competition. Created for officials to use at all levels of football, Cutters Rev Pro 4.0 Gloves are NFHS and NCAA quality, meaning they meet the standards set by sports governing bodies. What’s more, these Gloves are designed to endure the same rigorous conditions on the field. The Cutters gloves rev pro offer weatherproof protection for outdoor games. The molded, seamless palm features  waterproof nubuck leather for durability.

Cutters Rev Pro Gloves
Photo courtesy of Amazon
  • Extended wear comfort
  • Good Colors variety for kids and adults
  • Boosted Grip, using Rev – Tack technology
  • Meet SFIA specifications
  • Sizing is off

4. Pure Athlete Wide Receiver Football Gloves – Elite Stick Silicone Gripping Technology

The Pure Athlete, Elite-Stick Receiver Gloves, are an innovative product that offers elite performance for Receivers. The gloves are constructed with a silicone grip that makes it easy for receivers to catch passes. These gloves are designed to fit the hands of the players perfectly. The gloves are with an adjustable wrist closure. This closure provides additional support for the wrists. These wide receiver football gloves are designed to fit the players’ hands perfectly because they are constructed with a 2-way stretch fabric. 

Pure Athlete Wide Receiver Football Gloves
Photo courtesy of Amazon
  • The gloves are stickier than Under Armour and Franklin gloves
  • Stylish,tackier and sticky  than expected
  • Comfortable and and player likes the way they stretch
  • This is an excellent product for anyone involved in Refereeing on a cold night.
  • Color peeling issue but does not affect the grip of the gloves

Note / Recommendation: The Perfect fit glove for eight years old (First year Junior). If you want starter gloves, get these. Our research team found that one of the junior league kids have had these for three weeks and have practised them every day. It took him a couple of days to wear them in. He hasn’t complained once.

5. NICEWIN Football Receivers Gloves Adult for Men and Women

These Gloves fit comfortably around the hand, especially at the fingers and the palm. The gloves are ideal for football players or serious athletes who need to improve their techniques. They also feature Velcro closures that ensure a secure fit while still allowing for adjustable comfort. 

Strength-enhancing finger splicing. Adjustable finger loops for a custom fit. Reinforced thumb stitching for added durability. Comfortable finger loop for extra protection.

NICEWIN Football Receivers Gloves
Photo courtesy of Amazon
  • Display a stylish look 
  • Very comfy, have a great grip
  • Great quality, with great color 
  • Well enough gloves for the low cost
  • They are not recommended for machine-washing of adult football gloves
  • A little bit different sizes with fingers width

Note: Do not use dryer for these gloves, not recommended. 

6. Adifast 2.0 Football Gloves

These gloves are Engineered with a GripTack palm for enhanced control in all weather conditions. The gloves feature a molded, compressive fit system for a glove that fits snugly and won’t slow players down.

A revolutionary palm with GripTack technology lets you play with confidence in any weather in these football gloves. With Climalite technology, moisture wicks away from your hand, so you stay dry and comfortable no matter the conditions.

Adifast 2.0 Football Gloves
Photo courtesy of Amazon
  • Good grip with very good material
  • They Washed up nicely
  • Custom fit, like a second skin
  • Durability issues

7. Seibertron Pro 3.0 Elite Ultra-Stick Football Gloves For Wide Receivers (Youth & Adult)

Seibertron Pro 3.0 Elite Ultra-Stick is a new type of high-performance football gloves for wide receivers. It features high performance and durability and is designed for many different weather conditions. It’s built with a back of the hand that is durable and flexible, and machine washable. The Seibertron Pro 3.0 Elite combines our most popular features and upgrades with a sturdy and more durable design and a grippy soft feel coating on the fingers and palm. This is an ideal glove for wide receivers and tight ends who want a comfortable and protective glove.

Seibertron Pro 3.0 Elite Ultra Stick Football Gloves For Wide Receivers
Photo courtesy of Amazon
  • High quality with great price
  • Comfortable fit and durable
  • Excellent grip on the palm area
  • For big guy at 6′ 4″, fits to size very well
  • Very sticky palms, that make catching perfect
  • Sizes run a bit small
  • The price wise overall good for few people, not playing in all weather

Note: Large is accurate for average size or smaller end. Clean the dust with a damp cloth. Wash in a machine and let them air-dry which is quite impressive to get an excellent sticky glove again. Perfect Extra small fits for 11 years old kids.


8. Adidas Freak 4.0 Receiver Gloves

The Freak 4.0 padded receiver football gloves offer an advanced fit and feel with significant equipment and performance upgrades. When you sweat, the padded back of the hand and fourchette use AeroReady technology to absorb the moisture. This acts like a sponge, and your palms remain cool and dry for the duration of the game.

They are the good gloves for wide receivers. The whole palm design provides high protection to your hands while you are out on the field. The glove is built to protect your hand from injuries and to improve your grip. The gloves are designed to make you look good and feel good. You can choose from a variety of sizes and colours to suit your style and the weather.

The Freak 4.0 padded receiver football gloves
Photo courtesy of Amazon
  • Very sticky and good enough at catching the ball
  • Superior Grip, Designed with GripTack
  • Great on offence while catching the ball and great on defense as well
  • Moisture-wicking fabric
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Cool and Dry
  • Glove Size Issues for some players

Note: Make sure to check the size chart carefully. Also note, if you have medium, then you would probably need a large size.

9. Adidas Adizero 9.0 Receiver Gloves

The Adidas Adizero 9.0  Receiver Gloves are engineered with 9.0 PrimeKnit mesh to deliver optimal structure, support, and performance. Adidas Primeknit heat-bonded yarns form a flexible, supportive upper that molds to the natural shape of your hand. 

The adizero 9.0 football receiver gloves are made with custom injection molded rubber tab with a no-snag hook and loop closure for a well fit.

Adidas Adizero 9.0 Receiver Gloves
Photo courtesy of Amazon
  • Durable football gloves 
  • PrimeKnit mesh support
  • With Great high-quality materials
  • Providing good moisture
  • Extra large size for some players having a large extent

Buying Guide Of Football Gloves For Wide Receivers

If you are a football player looking to purchase suitable gloves, it is highly recommended that you check out this guide to buy football gloves. If you use the information provided here, you should find the best football gloves for wide receivers. 

The first thing you should ensure is the quality of the gloves you are purchasing. The first thing you should check for is what material is used. Go for the gloves that are made of leather.


Football receivers must have good hands to catch footballs. So, having a tacky grip is essential for receivers’ football gloves.

Comfort Fit and Ventilation

For the Best receiver glove that will allow your hands to breathe, you need to check out the #1 Choice Grip Boost Peace, Shaka, Hook ‘Em Football Gloves. These gloves will keep your hands cool and dry and enable you to catch the ball with confidence and comfort.

I would recommend everyone to have a pair of fitting gloves in your wardrobe. They not only look good but also increase your grip and ultimately your performance on the field. Choose the right type of gloves for you and you won’t regret about your decision.

Durability and All Weather Gloves 

The Adidas Adizero 9.0 gloves are an excellent pick for anyone looking for a durable glove that keeps you comfortable and protected from the elements.  If you’re a wide receiver looking for gloves that can withstand all weather conditions, Cutters Rev Pro Gloves 4.0  are a great choice. 

Safety Tips

Football gloves are a significant part of a football player’s outfit that they will wear throughout a whole season. It is important to have a dry towel nearby to wipe it off. That will help reclaim the stickiness of your football gloves for better game performance. It is okay to use a regular towel, but designers recommend getting a towel built for such situations.

When gloves are wet, they are stiffer, so you cannot grip the football properly. Wearing gloves when it is wet is not all that bad. You need to be extra careful. You need to make sure they are clean after every game or practice. If they are wet, you should put them in the shade to dry. If they are still wet, you should let them dry by themselves. Never place wet gloves in a dryer because they will probably shrink.


When purchasing starting nfl wide receivers football gloves, there are several things to consider. First, you’ll want to consider the league rules regarding which type of glove is allowed. While most leagues don’t require you to wear football gloves, some require you to wear certain types of gloves. 

In the end, gloves are essential for football players. You should not take gloves lightly. The gloves are the first gear players need to play football. We have provided information about football gloves for wide receivers to help you decide which gloves are worthy of buying. It would help if you had a clear idea about the gloves you need.

Most football gloves are made from synthetic leather. This type of material offers a cheaper alternative to genuine leather. However, synthetic leather can be very durable and is often used in high-end football gloves. The inner lining is another important feature in a pair of football gloves. If you’re a receiver, you’ll need a couple of football gloves for wide receivers that have an inner lining made from a smooth, soft material so you’ll be able to catch a football quickly. The best football gloves for a lineman are a bit different. Since linemen usually have to grab hold of a football, they should have a glove with a rough, chunky inner lining. 

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